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Blox Cards is Roblox's Premier TCG! Construct a 40-card deck and throw it against other 40 card decks in a battle of wits, tricks, and strategy. Who will take 2x2's crown?


Card History

Teal Eyes Green Dragon

Teal Eyes Green Dragon's History

Teal Eyes Green Dragon was always a 1000/350, but originally gave a target fighter 1000 health. This buff was very powerful, picking up a fighter that's about to die off its feet.

That was until mid-July 2016 where Teal Eyes Green Dragon was changed to steal 250 life from the opponent. Still, Teal Eyes Green Dragon continued to be a good card.

It was a long time before on mid-February 2017 where Teal Eyes Green Dragon was changed to lower all fighters' power by 200 except for a target fighter. Teal Eyes Green Dragon still continues with this effect today.


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